Monday, January 15, 2007


Where do the weekends go? This here post is a catch-up for the out-of-towners. If you see me several times a week, you may be bored by the ensuing post.

I am going to India. I needed to know by the weekend, and - true to form - the Lord answered in the 11th hour. It wasn't literally the 11th hour; I think it was closer to 4:30pm. In a meeting with my boss the Holy Spirit pressed me to ask for an extra two weeks of unpaid vacation time in August. I'm very intimidated by my boss, and can honestly report that it's something I never would have asked him if not for a gripping fear of the Lord at that moment. Honestly, I hope it doesn't come down to that anyway. I hope I'm out of this job long before August ... but that's a whole seperate issue. (Unless you really feel called to finance a worshipper/youth worship leader and otherwise CITW volunteer. Then it's not a seperate issue at all, and you should talk to me. Ha.)

We introduced another teenager to his Hope and Salvation Friday night. I never get tired of that. I'd like to see more, but we're proving ourselves faithful with little right now. I think we're doing well with it, too.

Friday was also 12 hours of prayer. Pride made an appearance again, followed closely by its good friend, Condemnation. Maybe not. I wasn't really feeling condemned, as much as I was just disgusted again. I thought about leaving before my 2am prayer time - Titus could have handled it just fine without me and I was feeling too gross to put a mic to my face. Instead, I dozed off on a row of chairs for 20 minutes and woke up at five minutes to 2. I took my place at the piano and hope it availed more in other people than it did in me ... not that there were many people still around at 2am.

My husband and I are making headway (finally) on a design for the boxes of black hoodies that have been sitting in our apartment for months. Something finally motivated him, so he's off and running, and we should have those relatively soon. I know I'm excited.

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