Wednesday, January 10, 2007


How much longer can this possibly go on? That's all I want to know. I can wait to find out exactly how it goes down, exactly what my role is, etc. I just want to know when. The waiting is killing me.

Everybody feels it. Everybody knows that it's right around the corner. Everyone is expecting 07 to be a banner year in so many ways. Everybody is wrestling with this holy anticipation ... this unrest in the collective Spirit of the Church that is driving His Bride to new heights, depths, lengths and widths - or at least pointing them out with a whisper of, "That's where you're headed."

And it's in my spirit because it's in His Spirit and I can't get away from it. Every morning I drive to work and plead with the Lord that today be the day. Not because I'm so anxious for the day, although I am, just because I feel like I couldn't possibly wait any longer. There has to be a break through ... not even a break through, a break open. I have a teaching by Misty Edwards that she must have given years and years ago, and at one point she makes the comment that, "sometimes I feel like any minute the sky's just going to break open and heaven's going to be there ..." Literal or physical I can't wait for this sky - this lid that we've put on the Church on the Spirit on the hope of glory, that doesn't seem like a lid because it's relatively spacious - to just break open. Do you feel that? Something has to change. Something has to happen.
And yet He tarries. He waits. He waits and He smiles at what I think is a terrible burden, at what I think is uncontainable love, at what I think is high expectations, at what I think is anticipation. He waits and He whispers to me, "This is nothing. This is nothing compared to the burden on My heart for My bride, the love in my heart, the expectation I have of you, the anticipation that stirs in Me to come to you." He waits for our heart to look like His heart. He waits to build a level of anticipation, need, desire that only He can fulfill ... and even then all of our ideas of Him will suddenly seem so small when He comes. Oh, that the Spirit and the bride would cry with one accord, with everything we are and everything we have, "Come!"


Jeffie said...

I know what you mean, but the Holy Spirit doesn't FALL on a people until the people are ready and in one mind one faith and one accord. But for now enjoy closeness with the Father, let Him Tickle and play with you and teach you things you have always wanted to know and then share your experiences with others and the testimony of Jesus will begin to stoke a fire that has been built and then when 250 people fan the flame at the same time an unstoppable blaze will break forth.

Timothy said...

I don't think God is going to wait much longer. I think that a catastrophic event is eminent to Our American Christian Philosphy. I think a Remnant is about to be called out. I think it's time for travail. And calling the Bride groom to come. I don't feel tickled I feel urgent. I feel awakening. A burning, That will stop at nothing. we are in for the shock of our lives. Soon and very soon we are going to see the king and He won't appear as anything we have painted on canvas or our minds. I'm not shooting you down at all Jeff your my bro. I'm just laying down what I'm feeling in my Spirit, all we can do is pray and ask God to bring our hearts fully submitted to Him.