Monday, January 22, 2007

besides the baby

There's still a lot going on.

Friday night we had 39 teenagers at Switch. If that's not a record, it's got to be close. It was one of those services where 20 minutes before Go time, in the natural, all signs point to No. That's when He assists, though, and it always surprises me. We added one to the Kingdom of Light, and seriously dented the liberal brain-washing of a few others whose friends had faithfully drug them out to the meeting against their own wishes.

Saturday morning was a ministry meeting. There's no lack of vision on the worship team, that's for sure. Saturday afternoon was a marketing meeting that I felt totally out of place at. I took maybe two marketing classes in college, don't currently work in marketing, nor own a business. I'm also not on a diet. Not sure why I was there, but it was fun.

Sunday morning was a great message. Pastor talked about making more room for Holy Spirit in my life. I've been trying to do that, but I just don't think I'm doing enough. I need to hear that message monthly, I think, just to remind me to stay on track with that.

Sunday morning was also the first Sunday morning Timothy and I were assigned for alter ministry. No one really wants to pray with the youth leaders ever, which is okay. I used to watch our old youth pastor and his wife stand patiently at the alter ever Sunday as people lined up to pray with the "elders." We had two brave souls, though - one was our buddy Titus, and one was a nice young woman who got tired of waiting. It was good, though; believe it or not, Holy Spirit can move through 20-somethings. *grin*

In the meantime, I've been thinking a lot about Zacharias (Luke 1, Zacharias). I'm not going to tell you why, though, because I'm going to talk to my team about it Saturday. Zacharias ... and Martin Luther as I delicately leaf through a 50+ year old version of Here I Stand.

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