Wednesday, January 17, 2007

cop out

It's not even like I don't have anything to type about. We started Omega last night - I think I've linked Omega more than anything else on this silly blog. It was great: 45 minute video and two hours of conversation. We covered everything too; I wonder what we could possibly talk about next week. We started at the positive events of the end times and ended up in a dialogue about the sovereignty of God vs. free will and omnipotence vs. the power of prayer. I was exhausted.

I'm also in the middle of a great teaching Misty Edwards gave at the recent Onething conference. It's really, really good and I could tell you all about it ... and maybe I will ... tomorrow.

Right now I'm tired. The analogy I recently gave a friend was, "It's kind of like being run over by a car again and again and again ... pretty soon there's just no bones left to break so what does it really matter if it happens one more time?"

Three years ago this would have been okay. I would have slipped into the low end of the bi-polar wave and cried myself to sleep for a few weeks. Now I'm free ... and I know I'm free. I don't have to do that anymore and I don't want to, but really, it would be easier. Now I ask the Lord to humble my heart, and now I practice praying for those who spitefully use me. I pray the Lord show me that the lesson here is to love my enemy. "Enemy" might be a strong word, but its the same idea.

All that said, this walrus does sit ups. There's some silly thing about a soccer fight and a weird ritual (that evidently doesn't work) after the walrus, because I didn't edit the video. CNN apparently ran a longer story on the walrus, but if it's on YouTube, I can't find it. There are those days when you need a walrus with a workout regimen to pick you up again. Dying to self is easier when there's a large marine mammal doing push-ups, that's just a general rule.

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