Friday, December 28, 2007

Christmas Review

I know it's almost been a week, but humor me.

Christmas in Springfield (which was Christmas #2 of 4 for us this year) was fun. Sunday morning we visited a church that Wildesign may be working with soon. I walked around and took pictures and considered making a sign for my chest that said, "I am not casing your joint." I got some weird looks. Some from my husband.

West Side Christian Church seems a little confused, but it has some good artists. All of the music was top-notch, and we found this piece sitting up against a wall in a hallway in the balcony:

I really like it. We set out a few hours later from Springfield to Taylorville and stopped for breakfast along the way at the Dirksen Diner. I love these kinds of places. It was off a gravel parking lot on the side of the road, but not facing the road - obscure enough that it was on the passenger side of the car, and I didn't even see it when we drove by. How can you not pull a U-y for breakfast at a place like this, though?

Timothy, of course, ordered biscuits and gravy and decided to launch a culinary review service dedicated sole to the art of B&G. Look for the B&G Review, coming soon to a sidebar near you.

My youngest cousin Ryan playing video games. He's been playing video games since he was three. I'm not exaggerating. In fact I may be underestimating. The kid's left brain is a powerhouse.

My cute little brother with a cheese sandwich - guarding the gifts from anxious little boys. (That's not one in the background, BTW, that's my auntie.)

It was a good time. I wish I had a picture of my great-grandma to share with you. She's 93 and still going strong (relatively speaking).

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Tami said...

That's what I love about Christmas...leftover cheese for cheese sandwiches.