Friday, October 05, 2007

on my mind

Hi. Sorry about that lapse. It's been busy in my head and I don't think I have it all sorted out yet. Here's what I've been thinking about (in no particular order).

//Baking. I made some mean cranberry bars last night. I wonder if I could open a bakery. A café/bakery. Kind of a third place space. I could never work in a boring office ever again. I'd bake and do ministry for the rest of my life.

//Vacation. We signed up with American and United for miles accounts. Now I have to call to get retroactive credit. It looks like we'll be in Memphis for Thanksgiving, though, so with any luck that can turn into the elusive '07 vacation.

//Teenagers. Man ... *sigh*

//Church buildings. Partly because it's my job to think about church buildings, partly because it's come up at church. It's amazing to see what happens when ministries adjust to the idea that the space they're in really does matter. (For some it's natural, others fight the idea.) We've even seen it at home: the children's ministry is growing so fast that they need more space (I think they're trying to colonize Church in the Word and they're just being sneaky about it). Part of that is because Pastor Scott is doing a great job, but part of that is because they are using their existing worship space well. They are able to redesign their worship space to reflect the sermon series, and one little girl was just astonished. The kids know that is their space, and they're excited about it. Space matters.

//Worship. I cannot write a song. I can write prose and poetry and I can put together great chord progressions ... it seems like there should be at least one song in there, right? There's not. BUT whenever I sit down to do Harp & Bowl after a church service, or just worship by myself at home, the most amazing things come out of me. (I've tried to turn some of those into songs too, and that doesn't work either.)

//Prayer. I don't get it, and I'm pretty sure, somehow, that I'm doing it wrong. I don't know if that's possible, but if it is, I'm doing it.

//Moses' Cradle. I've got an idea for what could be a great not-for-profit, and it's been stirring (violently at times - stirring like a hurricane) inside me. I'm terrified about it. It is absolutely too big for me (Which is what every one says, I know. David and Gideon and Moses and Mary, I know, I know.), and even if it weren't I don't know when on earth I'd have the time. If it's NOT the Lord I'm totally going to fall on my face and waste a lot of time/money. If it IS the Lord, though, it could be amazing and I want to be faithful. A couple weeks ago the Sunday morning anouncements included a man at CITW who wanted to help people in their small businesses; if anyone knows that guy I need to talk to him please.

//Money. I despise money. That's all I'm going to say.

//The Esther Project. I'm still believing the zine is going to break up the darkness in the punk rock underground in this area.

There you go. That's why I haven't blogged in a couple days - it's a mess.


KnowYourGod said...

so of course you would be able to open a bakery, here in Sc! :) thats awesome about your vacation ya'll need it & deserve it. Teenagers... i concur, Church- thats awesome you are growing like that. Worship- i feel the same way about preaching, its like if you just ask me a question about something my answer could be 2-3 hours, but if i try and outline or formulize it i just sit with a blank sheet of paper or i will end up with 2-3 messages not cohesively put together. Prayer is so, yes, just talk i heard one evangelist say just talk to god and be honest like, "God this prayer thing sucks, i don't get it can you like show me a sign, or tickle me or do something to appease my flesh cuz i just am not getting it?" he will do it, And i will believe with you about the esther project. miss ya'll... what about babies?

Tami said...

i just love you. just wanted to reiterate.

Anonymous said...

Good thoughts Lex..... I think I know the guy you need to get in touch with regarding the small business ideas.... I will text you his info later today. Its so nice having you around:)

Loretta said...

Do you want to just come over to our house and hang out? Huh? And Eat popcorn and watch a silly movie till we fall asleep and you wonder if you should stay and finish the movie or just leave? You can stay and finish watching the movie. Okay?

We miss you!!