Sunday, October 14, 2007


Tami pants posts a question on Facebook about your dream job/career. A seemingly innocent question, but my first qualification is: do I assume I'm good at whatever I want to do or is she asking for my dream job given my current skill set?

So I'm randomly thinking about it as I'm driving somewhere, and I start to think about my one semester as a music performance major in Missouri. Sometimes I wish I had stuck with that; Alexis Wisniewski - Concert Pianist. That would be cool.

HS: Sure, but you'd be using your giftings for your own glory, instead of Mine.
AW: (selfish and argumentative) If that's what I wanted to do, would You disallow it?
HS: Should you be asking for permission, or guidance?
AW: What if you guide me to spend my life doing something I don't want to do?
HS: What could you want to do besides My will?
AW: I mean what if it was something really awful? What ever happened to the desires of my heart? Would being a disciple mean I have to spend my life doing something I really dislike? Or ignoring something I'm really passionate about?
HS: So what if it did?

Of course my rebuttals were weak and unfounded and unBiblical, but I think that last point is what He was driving home. And of course it probably wouldn't come down to that because He knows the desires of my heart because He made them the desires of my heart and He loves me best ... but He also knows how to speak to me.

Am I following Christ because it's convenient for me, or because He's Truth?


Tami said...

spot on. God has a way of getting down to the nitty gritty of what's in our hearts. he won't let us off with doing it for ourselves, because he loves us & wants us to walk in the fullness of what he has for us.

and you're right. i don't believe it would come to that. from what i know about God and his will, the only way to end up doing something you really hate for the rest of your life is to not fully embrace God's will. (i'm not saying that it's not sometimes God's will for you to be in a job or a place that's not your preference, of course. but we need to learn to be content in those places as well. i've definitely been there.) we can't forget about seasons.

jeffie said...

Lexi, I know we have ALL mentioned this before but really I have to say you have a remarkable gift for written word and conveying just the right "ambience" and tonality of what you are saying. oh and Word. Tami is right on, SPot on is SoooOO European. :)