Monday, October 01, 2007

730 days

Today is our second anniversary!

That's right - two years and going strong. Have I learned anything in two years? Let's review:
1. Freud was a weirdo, but sometimes I do wonder how I managed to marry my father.
2. Dating is more important after you're married than before.
3. The devil really hates it when passionate Christians get married.
4. You can, in fact, teach old dogs new tricks.
5. Romantic relationships with other people before getting married mess you up more than you know.

My parents gave us a little gift last night, and my mom mentioned this article she'd read a few weeks ago. A German politician has proposed adding an expiration date to marriage licenses. After seven years you would either renew or go your seperate ways without all the hassle of paperwork. Yike.


I Ravish His Heart said...

WOOHOO! Happy anniversery, you guys have really touched my life in so many ways and I just wanted to thank youguys for always being there for me and praying for me and so much more. I pray that God would continue to bless your marriage and your kids(when you have them, of course).

Tami said...

All very good lessons learned, Lex. More and better lessons than I'd say most people learn in two years. For some, it takes a lifetime of messing things up to come to these conclusions. Congratulations! Love you guys.