Tuesday, October 23, 2007

i'm proud of me

Know what I did after work yesterday? Nothing.

(Well, okay - I did dishes, cleaned the stove, picked up a bit, and put away some clean laundry but we're talking 90 minutes of housewife activity tops.)

Timothy and I borrowed some movies and we sat on the couch, with the laptop on a kitchen chair and a frozen pizza on the couch next to us, and vegged until about midnight.

I didn't work on the worship night coming up. I didn't make a single Christmas card. I didn't zine. I didn't clean the bathroom. I didn't brainstorm sermon illustrations or fundraising activities. I didn't plan a set list for practice tonight. I didn't pay a single bill or even look at the checkbook register.

Then this morning I started to think ... for the briefest of moments ... about how I need to better schedule my time so I can be more efficient. I rubbed my sleepy eyes to squint at myself in the bathroom mirror and very politely advised me to shut up.


Tami said...

good for you! you have to take care of yourself. efficiency isn't half as importance as effectiveness (and they're not the same thing).

ooO(why did they have a frozen pizza on the couch next to them?)

jeffie said...

Lexi is so funny, and tami is right i often have to tell Bianca to do nothing, she often has to tell me a list of "Honey do's" :) its a balance

I Ravish His Heart said...

Ha, I'm not married... However I can say that I am starting to learn the importance of managing your time in such a way that you make room for God and let everything else kind of fall into place.

Lex said...

Well it wasn't frozen at that point. It began as a frozen pizza but had been cooked and was sitting on the cardboard on the couch. I used "frozen" to denote the quality of the pizza.

The Academy Against Apathy said...

pizza is a poor substitute for a real family.............however if it starts talking back one can just eat it. Ahhhhhh Jonathan Swift, what a brilliant man.

Lex said...

Way to re-hash a "When are you guys going to have kids?" convo in my comments. Quick - run and hide!

The Academy Against Apathy said...

I'll just post a picture of me as an imaciated infant and they should stop before they start.

Tami said...

Jonathan Swift said you can eat a frozen pizza if it talks back? Hmm...I was under the impression he was an intellectual.

(Captain Obvious says: "That was a joke.")

And when are you guys gonna have kids?