Monday, October 29, 2007

good weekend

I got to spend the weekend with my husband. How nice!

Saturday we ran errands together, cleaned the apartment (well - half of it) together, went to Guitar Center to look at basses together, wandered through Cabela's and looked at dead animals together, ate kettle corn and apple cider together, and got dressed up to eat finger food together.

Sunday we went to church together, watched a movie together, took a nap together and went to my parents' for dinner and laundry together.

We realized we'd almost forgotten how to just hang out and do nothing in particular. It was nice to do that again. And to actually have a relaxing weekend.


The Academy Against Apathy said...

We're awsome together.

Anonymous said...

you really should hang out more together, we are proud!

jeffie said...

its nice to cherish those moments, we learned this last sunday that the bottom line need in a relationship (any but especially marriage) is intention, intimacy doesn't just happen, you have to be intentional to spend time, money, heart, and mind on someone.