Monday, September 17, 2007


Thanks to everyone who was praying for the See You at the Pole rally last night. It went really well.

There were about 130 kids there, and a handful who were excited about worship. We got some of them jumping and most of them clapping. We ended with How Great is Our God, and everyone who wasn't engaged for the first five songs got into it. From the first line Athena and I quit singing because you could hardly hear us over the crowd anyway. Sweet. The last chorus we let them sing all by themselves and it was amazing. What moves God's heart more than a room full of teenagers singing, "How great is our God?" I don't know.

And I was so impressed with our team (as were a couple other youth pastors who were there, from what I understand). Most of the crowd was at least attentive, but I never felt our team get discouraged or annoyed or anything. Everyone had fun, played well, and really gave their all.

Best of all the Holy Spirit found our worship worthy to breathe on, and His presence was electric by the end. I'm praying, now, that students will remember that and not write Him off. Below are a couple shots Marianne took.

Connor and Tim Dwyer

How Great is Our God (and me and Timothy - at least our heads - in the back)


Jen said...

Sweet picture, and sweet what took place there, can't wait to hear what happens at their schools come SYATP.

I received your card today, thanks, it gave me another reason to smile.

Her name is Saja. (pronounced Sayjah). I'm hoping I'll be able to share with her the little journal/mini book thing you gave me from your trip in India.

Miss you!

jeffie said...

First, Jen, its a zine honey :) anyway wicked cool stuff at SYATP, i am all about BREAKING interdenominational crap, way to go! like pastor says always look for the win win= kids get blessed, our youth enjoyed presenting worship, presence of God enters in a manifest way and then Everyone gets blessed, supersweet :) now come down here and do it again :)

Lex said...

Find us a bunch of teenagers who want to worship, Jeffie, and we're there. Worship team road trip!

Tami said...

that sounds more like a win-win-win-win, jeffly.

AWESOME about the event, lex! we heard about it today at the staff meeting from tim, too. sooo exciting. the fruit of your labor is evident and God's touch is definitely on the youth. Praise God!