Friday, September 07, 2007

broken lives

Fellowship Church in Texas (well, they're everywhere but headquarters is in Texas) is starting a sermon series this weekend called ineed2change. True to form, they have been doing a stunning job of promoting it. The center of their phenominal marketing job is a the website that all the fliers, billboards, iron-ons, etc. point to:

The website is pretty spiffy. There's a countdown running and videos promoting the series. You can send e-vites directly from the home page, or download banners and such to put on your own website.

There's also a small text box that will allow you, in 140 characters, to express what you would like to change in your life. Below that is a virtual Post-It pad with testimonies.

"I want to find patience in my life, enjoy my children more and treat my husband more lovingly."

You can click "View more changes" and load a page full of notes that can be moved around to read.

"I need to fill the emptiness."
"I need to change the way I look at myself, and try to see what my friends and family see."

Then, if you click on "View All" you get a new browser window.

"I want to be in-LOVE with my husband again!"
"I need to control my addictions."
"I need to love myself for me."
"I need to stop messing with a married man."
"I had what I now realize was an inappropriate online friendship. I would like to be a better husband and repair the hurt in my marriage."

The bottom of the page reads, "page 1 of 38 (50 per page)." When I saw that I almost cried. That represents 1900 people who have logged on to reveal the brokenness in their lives ... since August 17th.

Some of them aren't painful - some of them express a need to get organized - but most of them hurt, and most of them are urgent.

Will you take five minutes in the next couple of days to pray for Pastor Ed Young and the campus pastors who will be facilitating this weekend? So many lives need the restoration that only One can offer ...

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