Tuesday, March 13, 2007


While you're waiting for Faith Week Night #3 to start up, check out Group 1 Crew.

The first time I heard the chorus I thought it was pretty stinkin' cheesy, but the verses are all about the God of love. I dig it.


I Ravish His Heart said...

Good lyrics, alright music, and the chorus was deffinitly pretty darn cheesy. Where did you here about these people? O and by the way Brian Zohnd Is tonight not greg howse

Timothy said...

WOW!!!!! A Mullet and a BroHawk!!!!! I shall call it the BulletHawk cause it Looks like Billy Ray Cyrus shot Some unsuspecting Native Amercan with his hairdo and right at the point of Impact the target turned his head. NO doubt when he woke up he had no Idea what had occured............Transcendence.

tami said...

tee hee hee. BulletHawk. i just thought it was interesting how they pinned down the side of her she-fro so that it looked like a piece had been removed from the hair pie. okay, yes. i was distracted. but watch some footage of Cindy Cruse-Ratcliff with the Lakewood Church worship team, and you'll know true hair-makeup distraction.