Tuesday, November 21, 2006

kindred spirit

Kelly called me last night ... from Crystal Lake! Hooray. I left immediately for Starbucks.

Some friends you need to see several times a week or the friendship would quickly become an acquaintance. Some friends it seems the Lord saves for just the right moments, and there doesn't need to be anything else - like the relationship has been divinly established and time is not necessary to maintain it.

We both unloaded some burdens - because sometimes you need someone who understands, but is not involved in a situation to really listen (or really get you to hear what the Lord would say about it). We encouraged, exorted, theologized (I just made that up), and rebuked each other in and by the Lord. We prayed for a while in my car. She never once asked when Timothy and I are going to have kids. I want all of my "hang out" time to look like that: Bible open on the table, conversation centered around the eternal, and some good prayer.

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