Wednesday, November 15, 2006

eat steak

We got into a really deep conversation on the way home from practice last night about vegetarianism and steak and food in heaven. The question then became, "Is there steak in heaven?" Spiritual beings vs. manna vs. the banquet vs. "food you know not of" etc. The only conclusion we came to was, "If there is it's good and if there's not you won't miss it."

My favorite part of the conversation, though, was a comment that went something like, "Okay, so you know God's glory is just radiating everywhere?! I bet if there's steak in heaven God's glory just cooks it! And then it's got to be perfect because, I mean, it's cooked by the glory of God!" I hadn't ever considered that the lightning that proceeds from the throne does so in microwaves, but who really knows?

(And if you were looking for something spiritual, I recommend Brian Zahnd's latest blog entry. It's phenominal. I love the implication in the last paragraph about Roman's road.)

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Your Acoustic Guitarist said...

that quote at the end was mine!=) but i also said that god's radience would keep your steak warm and at perfect temp until u were finished then again it would probably take FOREVER to eat.