Friday, November 30, 2007

eternal perspective

Our latest Voice of the Martyrs newsletter/magazine came a couple days ago. If you're not getting this, you really should. It's free. What's to lose?

One of the first articles was about a man they met who had recently been beaten and imprisoned for sharing the gospel. I think he was in south-east-ish Russia, but I'm not sure and it doesn't really matter. He'd been released and instructed not to preach or distribute Christian literature on pain of death.

When he received a written reminder of the conditions of his release, he wrote back to the national authorities and told them, "You can kills us, but you can't really do us much harm."

That's staggering to me.

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jeffie said...

Wow! I just felt the annointing of God when i read that. all i have to say is wow. and how that must resonate with the cry of your spirit.