Friday, November 02, 2007

another duh

Ready for another one of those things-that-everyone-knows-but-that-the-Lord-is-really-moving-on-my-spirit-and-I-probably-won't-be-able-to-explain-the-depth-of-it-in-words-so-you'll-just-think-"Well duh" posts? (TTEKBTTLRMOMSAIPWBATEDOIIWSYJTWD Posts, for short.)

So simple it's profound thought: Stuff will not make you happy.

I know, I know - I'm having my business cards reprinted to read "Confucius."

Everybody, especially Spirit-filled Christians, knows this. There have even been studies done that prove it. I just read another one a couple weeks ago that this cute young lady I know in Wisconsin blogged about. 10% of our happiness, according to this one, comes from our life circumstances or situations. A large part of which is the stuff we surround ourselves with.

So I know that, but I (and I think a lot of us) still try filling my life with stuff. I didn't even realize what I was doing because it's not as though I'd have a bad day and think to myself, "I need a new sweater. If I just had a new sweater, everything would be fine." At the same time, however, if I happened to be at Target because I needed toothpaste and glass cleaner and I happened to walk by a really cute sweater that happened to be on mega-sale and I happened to grab it ... it did make a gloomy day seem a little brighter.

For a few hours.

And I know that, but Holy Spirit is moving it into that place in my heart where it becomes real and I can live by it. He's constantly reminding me, "Renting a movie is not really what you want to do tonight ... That jacket is only going to make you happy for a day - then what?" I know it's the Lord because I don't feel condemned for renting a movie with my husband or spending $1 on a silly jacket at a resale store; He's just gently reminding me, confident that I'll get it eventually.

I think I'm starting to.


2 Corinthians 7:6 said...

Lucas 14:33

KnowYourGod said...

there is balance to this as well, we are supposed to be the head not the tail, Abraham was wealthy enough to buy his own militia, Solomon and Job were among the richest men recorded in the bible. The bible doesn't say money is evil only the love of money. stuff isnt bad just when stuff becomes more important to us than the Lord.