Monday, April 02, 2007


I had another fun mini-revelation about worship last Friday night. I seem to get these as the team is praying together before practice, and always just as I'm opening my mouth. (Which is uncomfortable for me because I generally like to think things over before I say them out loud.)

I was praying along the lines of worship being an offering given even if we don't feel like it, and about being the leaders so we should go before the congregation and show them the way ... Then I had the thought that maybe our role as a worship team is more than leading others into worship - maybe it's worship. I understand that to show a group of people how to worship involves worshipping the Lord yourself, but I guess the idea that I had was that it's our responsibility as the worship team to send up that incense on Friday nights. There's a worship meeting going on every Friday night, and if only a handful of teenagers show up in bad moods it's our responsibility to make sure that the name of the Lord is exalted from that place. If no one else will make the sacrifice, we have to.

I guess it goes back to our Luke 1:9 calling for 2007. It's almost like He's got this all planned out.


The Academy Against Apathy said...

Iforgot to mention to you....that was a great prayer. It helped me stay focused.

Tami said...


I Ravish His Heart said...

sweet... by the way how did worship go?