Wednesday, April 18, 2007

didn't see that coming

So I'd say for about a month now I've been feeling pretty terrible about what I can reasonably describe as a "dry season" in the things of God. I'd like to call it a blatant and insulting lack of passion, because that's what it feels like, but I know in the middle of Song of Solomon the bridegroom leaves and on the story goes to a happy ending. Whatever you want to call it, and however okay it is, I feel yucky. Praying made it worse because I'd devote some serious time to it, and then just feel disappointed with how much I did not feel myself connect with God's heart.

Last night, as my typewritter and I did some zine-ing on the couch, Timothy sat down next to me with this very serious look on his face. "Lex, I gotta tell you ..." My mind started to race about what sort of bad news he was about to lay on me. Not because I'm pessimistic, but you should have heard the tone in his voice: it was serious.

He proceeded to tell me the over the past month or so he's really noticed God doing some good things in me, and my faith maturing, and it being very inspiring, etc. I didn't believe him at first (maybe I am pessimistic ...), but I know my wonderful husband wouldn't lie at me.

It was strange. And very encouraging.


Tami said...

sad, but true. it's in those dry seasons when we press in to God for answers that you see the most growth. remember when your parents would tell you something hard or not fun would "build character?" yeah. dig it.

if i've learned anything in my walk with God it's this: seasons. Eccl.

I Ravish His Heart said...

I agree with Tami. Trust me... I have experienced so many of those seasons. Some were of my own fault, but others I was truly seeking Him. I guess it's His way of making sure we are still SEEKING after Him. I mean if it was all easy, when the rain starts coming our house would fall. He's is just helping us build up our nice home on the sturdy rock. It's in those times of "dryness" that he brings out the things that we need to work on and instills in us true peace, love, joy, happiness, and so on...