Wednesday, April 04, 2007

this is all i think about anymore

(Seriously, I've so inundated myself with all the theory and practice - and some prayer - about the emerging church/post-Christian society/digital era/spritual revolution that I actually had a dream last week that I was giving a presentation on the topic. Fortunately the dream ended when I started taking questions.)

I'm going over my notes from The Millennium Matrix to put together a presentation for the boss, and I stumbled upon a thought. Rex makes a statement that most people who are at all watching our society would agree with: spiritual hunger is on the rise. He goes on to identify specific "tastes" our culture is developing that, if fulfilled, will lead to a revolution in the western Church.

Something inside me is naturally skeptical and as such wants to find something to disagree with, but in this I cannot. Without explaination, the hungers he defines are:

1. for homegrown prophets
2. to make a real difference
3. for authenticity
4. for mystery
5. for deep support
6. for depth

What do you think? Haven't we all felt a bit of longing for those things at some point. The interesting thing is that they can be fulfilled by the body of Christ - or by the world.

The one that tripped me with a thought was the first. Rex writes, "In order to make the transition to the new era successfully, we need new prophets." Basically, these are voices that connect ancient truths to modern life in the new language of an emerging generation. The thought that stopped me was, "Who are these people? Who is poised in a such a position - for such a time as this - to communicate ancient truths in a new language?" Do you know what answer I got? Worship leaders.

I realize I may be biased, but I can't shake it. Pastors and evangelists and teachers are crucial to the body of Christ, and preaching/teaching needs to happen - but they're not speaking to a post-Christian generation. Some will learn the language, but they'll always have an accent. The media has taught non-believers that preachers can't be trusted; it's harder to get through. And of course music has always been a powerful medium, but I think where we're going it's going to be central.

I could go on and on, but it would become a lecture.


I Ravish His Heart said...

Sweet!!! I agree I have felt those longings many times... That rocks that it's probably worship leaders because even though I'm not one I am still on a Worship Team! And who knows ... Maybe someday I will be a worship Leader (that has been my job "goal/dream for a long time)

Tami said...

oh my goodness, lex, we have to talk about this. for a while now, but in the last few days, especially, my thoughts have revolved around creating a new voice in worship that would speak for this language. it's not really new, though. just current. too long to explain everything in a comment. but so cool. also check out my blog entry for today and you'll get a little flavor of what i've been thinking of and how it links with your thoughts. also check out bz's latest blog addition on mysticism. (part 2) mystery. awesome.