Sunday, December 17, 2006

two parties

First was Marianne's baby shower. Gifts, food, bingo ... the usual. We got some cultural tips from Jane about how Chinese women transport babies. Good stuff.

Then the 2nd Annual Ornament party in two shifts. First the Hobans then everyone else. It was a small gathering but the food was wonderful and the decorating was a success.

After the boys painted ornaments we foolishly left the paint on the floor. Despite their mother's constant warning to, "Don't run by the paint!" and "Stay away from the paint," Seany did this amazing tuck and roll that landed his butt right on the palet. He was not impressed with Timothy's efforts to clean his pants, nor could he account for what had happened. He must have blacked out or something.


tami said...

Oh my he related to me? so funny. i like how he's decidedly dissatisfied with timothy's first effort to clean his pants and basically says, "nope...try again."

Timothy said...

he did that like 4 times.
Seany's better then television.

Lex said...

Not only is he related to you - you helped make him. Give yourself a pat on the back for that one.

tami said...

just had to find and watch this again. i love my little paint-bottomed wild man. :)