Monday, December 11, 2006

two good things

My husband and I went on a date Saturday night. Whoa. This necessitates a couple of plugs:

First, Chef Peter's Bistro. That's right, spirit-filled, four-star food that you used to have to drive out to Marengo to get has come to Rt. 14 in Crystal Lake. O happy day. Chef and his family are dear friends of ours that we met when he hired me a couple years ago. Lovely people and dangerously delicious food. It's all from scratch, it's all wonderful. If you don't know where to begin, I recommend the garlic and artichoke pizza. Mmm.

Then we went to see The Nativity Story and I think I was on the brink of tears during the whole movie. Not sad tears, though, it was that's-so-unbelievably-amazing-and-I-love-it tears. As a film, you could tell the production was rushed: some sub-par CGI, and a couple obvious sets. I really appreciated the movie, though. It's always enlightening to see stories that you've read dozens of times; you understand things that you maybe didn't before.

Things I understand:
1. Zacharias was probably the first guy on earth to know the Messiah was soon coming.

2. The horror of being engaged and found pregnant. I knew, before, that Mary could have been stoned to death for leaving to visit Elizabeth and coming home pregnant. You get to see, though, how it affected her family, and poor Joseph! I have a whole new respect for Joseph. Can't wait to meet that guy someday.

3. In the film, they had to travel through Jerusalem to get to Bethlehem. I'm not sure if that's accurate, but when I saw it my thought was: Jesus' first and last trip to the holy city was on a donkey. That's one of the things you just have to love about Jesus: no loose ends.

There were some inaccuracies, mostly involving the "wise men," but all in all I say go see it. Oh, I was also so very glad that the producers didn't over-romanticize the relationship between Mary and Joseph as Hollywood is prone to do. *applause*

PS- Tami, I will post video of Seany. I will. I tried all weekend to get to Panera to no avail. In the meantime, everyone, click on the "my battle plan" link to the right and you can check out an awesome video by a Russian, Christian, hardcore band. That's right: Russian, Christian, and hardcore. Amazing.

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