Wednesday, December 20, 2006

fun game

I made up a fun game. If you're rockin' Battle Cry you've already heard this, but that's okay. I call it "the beatitude game" because I haven't come up with anything more clever. Hopefully the board game version will be out in time for Christmas 07.

Here's how you play:
1. Pick one verse from Matthew 5:3-10. It can be your favorite, the easiest, the hardest, or just the first on the list.

2. Dedicate yourself for a month to the study of every word in that verse, to prayer regarding your condition in relation to that verse, and to actively cultivating your life in accordance with that verse.

3. One month later, pick another one and repeat step two.

Fun, huh? I'm starting at the top because, honestly, they all scare me. I'm on day two and it's hard. I have Post-Its on my computer and in my car that read:
poor: having little or no means of support (without Jesus -Ed.), dependant upon charity (read: grace -Ed.), meagerly endowed, deficient, lacking, inferior, inadequate, lacking in (my own -Ed.) skill or ability, deficient in moral excellence, meager, humble, modest, needy.
Naturally there is some interpretation here; I am not striving to be deficient in moral excellence, but realizing that as I try and try I am comparitively a long way off. Still trying, though - that's the clincher.

Are you in?


Your Hubby said...

i'm in. how come you don't tell me about these games. Or what your up to?

Lex said...

Our marriage is fine, everyone. Really. We talk about things all the time.