Friday, December 01, 2006


It's snowing. It took me an hour to complete my normal 30 minute commute this morning. On the way I saw 11 cars in snow drifts, and another two just stopped on the side of the road with hazards on.

My car learned a new trick yesterday (the first time it really got below freezing) that involves not letting me in. The lock on the driver's side door refuses to budget. Yesterday at lunch I was fighting it when one of my co-workers came back from her break.

"Is your lock frozen?"
"I think so."
"Try heating up your key."
"With a lighter."
"A lighter?"
"Peggy, do you have a lighter?"
"And why not?"
"Well I don't smoke or anything."
"Do I smoke?"
"Then why would I have a lighter?! I don't have a lighter."

Our church organized a men's retreat for this weekend. Pray the roads get cleared so they can go; I know a lot of them will be blessed if they can go. Our youth meeting is on tonight as far as I know, so pray for safe travel too please.

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