Thursday, October 19, 2006

messy, weird, violent, passionate love

I got to speak at midweek service last night. That was fun. I like talking about Jesus, especially when He shows up and assists.

I was a little intimidated initially because it was Wednesday night - and you know the people who go to meetings mid-week are usually a little deeper in the things of God than your average Sunday morning crowd. I told my husband earlier in the week that I'd be way more comfortable talking on a Sunday morning than a Wednesday night, but wasn't really worried about it. It seemed Holy Spirit was ministering to some people, so it was a success as I'm concerned. He ministered to me for sure, I heard my voice start to wobble a couple times as I got overwhelmed at what I was speaking about. Sweet.

He is wonderfully, violently passionate for your (comparatively) weak, little soul!

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Tim K. said...

Great Job Lex- it was definitely from your heart.