Monday, October 02, 2006

happy anniversary

Yesterday was our very first wedding anniversary. It doesn't seem like it's been a year already. A whole year and I still can't get him to throw his dirty socks in the hamper instead of on the living room floor.

We celebrated Saturday night by waiting over an hour for a table at a nice Italian place. Someone was having homecoming, and every place was packed out. Yesterday we stopped by Veteran's Acres - the park were we got married - and walked down to the little cove of oak trees where the ceremony took place a year ago. The weather was just the same - warm with not a cloud in the sky. We hugged for a while and I felt the presence of the Holy Spirit there with us. Timothy kissed me the way he did the first time, and I got excited for what another year would bring us. So many people told us that day that the first year's the hardest, so don't freak out. If the first year is the hardest we've got this thing made, because the first year was wonderful.

Then, at 11:45pm my phone vibrated on the bedside table and there was Naimh (nee'-ve) Hoban! All seven pounds, 12 ounces of her! Welcome to the world, girl, you picked a great day to join us!

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Tami said...

Honey, you may as well give up the fight now. We've been married over 7 1/2 years, and there's no limit to the number of dirty, scrunched-up socks I find on the floor.

Hamper - threatening, Floor - inviting.

And here I thought buying a cute Pier One hamper set would make it more appealing...pshh.

And, Niamhy made your blog - hooraaaaaaaay! :)