Friday, October 06, 2006

from death to life

Today's the day the Supreme Court has to decide if it will hear the Doe vs. Bolton case. Ya, I didn't know what that was either. The following is from Bound4Life (see the link to the right):

Doe v Bolton is the companion case to Roe v Wade. It was decided on the same day as Roe, and it's what made abortion-on-demand legal and removed the trimester limitations of Roe, making it possible for a baby to be legally killed right up to the day it is born.

The "Doe" in this case is a lady named Sandra Cano. She never had, nor ever wanted, an abortion and has been fighting for years to have her case overturned.

This case is not as famous as Roe v Wade. We didn't even really know about it. Then, two years ago, an intercessor had a dream. She dreamt that we were all standing in front of the Supreme Court with LIFE tape on. Then a woman came out of the court crying. She said to us, "Please be standing when my case comes before the Court." This woman was Sandra Cano.

You can read Sandra Cano's entire testimony here.

Keep the Supreme Court in your prayers - and continue praying for the voters of South Dakota: abortion is on the ballot this November. If South Dakota decides to stand with God, we could see the end of legalized infanticide in America! Pray, pray, pray. Then get to the Bound4Life website and sign up for email alerts - I've been checking every mainline "news" channel (on-line) that I can think of, and no one is covering this. Nothing. The only information or updates I get - in fact the only reason I'm even aware that the legality of abortion is being seriously challenged - is because of Bound4Life's emails.

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