Monday, September 18, 2006

forming a youth brigade

Friday nights are my favorites. It's awesome to see the Lord working in the hearts, minds and lives of the teenagers who come out for our youth meetings. India was cool, but the Lord is using us in greater ways on Friday nights in Elgin, Illinois. Signs and wonders like we saw this summer only advertise, only confirm the fact of the gospel message, but the encounter that takes place at the end of every week is the truth of Jesus Christ being written on young hearts.

It's exciting to see it happening so early in their lives. I wasted my teenage years, but these kids are already starting to get a hold of what's True. If they only cultivate the courage to stick with Him, they're going to do serious damage to satan's domain.

We had another great service this past Friday with a message on renewing the mind. A lot of kids came forward for prayer toward the end of the evening, many in tears, and I'm confident that many now live in a new level of freedom. Freedom from the things the world pushes at them and on them day after day after day. I think it's easy for adults to trivialize the social pressure that a lot of teenagers are under because we think we see more clearly now that we're older and we've experienced some of the "real" world. I think it's easier the older one gets, because the older one gets the less of a target she becomes for the kingdom of media.

These kids have my heart and I wish there was more I could do or pray or sing to help them get it, to make sure it sticks, to encourage them to go deeper ... but I don't have to, I guess, because as long as we pray, He will.

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