Thursday, December 04, 2008

Advent Day 4

Today, a practical Advent activity.

I like the guys over at The Plow. They do cool graphics stuff for churches (not their official mission statement). They also make a lot of their stuff available for free download. Who doesn't like a good, free download?

This is their latest:

And their tips on how you can participate:
  1. Download the art here, or go to the website to download. Print it out, and get ready for action.
  2. Staple the posters up on telephone poles.
  3. Hammer the biggest nail you can find right in the center of the red.
  4. Share the site with all of your friends. Post it on your blog, facebook, twitter and every other social media site you use.
Pretty cool. So meditate on the comings of Christ and prepare yourself spiritually for Christmas (and the Second Coming), but then go nail some of these to telephone poles too.

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