Monday, November 10, 2008


Ever heard of Soles for Souls? They like to give people shoes, basically.

They launched a new challenge today: 50,000 pairs of shoes in 50 days. Tall order? Maybe. You can donate two pair for $5. That's a much, much shorter order. Three clicks and five bucks is all it takes. Here. I did it. You can do it.

Other fun ways to get involved:
  • Blog it. The campaign starts today, so they're asking bloggers to light up the 'sphere with posts and links and encouragement (and to lead by example). There are buttons and banners on the website, and a full press release on the ...

  • Facebook! You can join the Facebook group here.
I know the economy isn't the greatest, and we're less inclined to give when times are tough but people need shoes. Their economy sucks more than ours. If you don't need shoes, I'd wager you can do $5.

If you're down, post a comment and let us all know you bought a couple pairs of shoes!


Jen said...

I decided to give up a frappachino and donate some shoes. :)

Lex said...