Thursday, May 22, 2008

who loves you?

This is completely dangerous. Bad idea.

I'm so not a Star Wars fan, but I want one of these. I don't know what I'd do with it, but come on.

This is a strange, kind of sad story about an autistic teenager vs. his local church. I'm sure that's a difficult situation, but a restraining order may not be the
most Christlike way to go about it.

And if you're looking for some outside-the-box art, here you go. Kind of weird, but really stinkin' clever.

Oh, and Facebook may take on a new ... um ... face soon. Not sure how I feel about this. You?

Finally, I need your opinion on these (the teenagers especially). This is a business-card size advertisement that I designed for something going down at Larkin that CITW was cool enough to buy us ad space for. Did I mention they're business-card size? I was thinking about getting some glossies printed. Do we like them? Would you use them to hand out?


4mysake said...

i like the i switched thing. its good, teenagers,like me, will like it especially because it has an abstract look. Nifty

Tami said...

you star wars-nerd wannabe. please, whatever you do, don't EVER show that thing to my sons. or i shall have to frown at you. :(

...and possibly even purse my lips and wag my index finger.

KnowYourGod said...

how did you get to be a part of that bible blogger thing? and i like the art, not sure if they guy is spray painting or what? but it looks cool. and of course just b/c it is a toy i would totally get the r2d2. ----> not a trekkie either.

Tami said...

um...jeff...R2D2 is from Star Wars, not Star Trek.

Loretta said...

Toy? That R2D2 DVD Projector thing is very cool. It's a high tech futuristic home media. Tami, don't show it to Patrick or you might just end up with one in your living room...= )

KnowYourGod said...

tami, see told you i wasnt a "star" whatsamathingy

Tami said...

I'M A BIG NERD AND I *HEART* STAR WARS, OKAY?! ooO(ahh. i feel so much lighter now.)

Lex said...

Jeffy - Some guy who is helping set up the Bible Blogger site emailed me and asked if they could add me. No idea how they found me.