Friday, May 25, 2007

get behind me

Matthew 16:23 and Mark 8:33 recount the "rebuke fest," as Pastor Brian Zahnd likes to call it. Jesus prophecies of his crucifixtion, Peter gets upset, Peter rebukes Jesus, Jesus rebukes Peter.

I noticed the other day that in both passages, Jesus uses the language, "Get behind me, Satan!" in rebuking Peter. ("Satan" literally translates "Adversary.")

Jesus used identical, harsh language when He was tempted of the devil in the wilderness. The third temptation was when Satan offered Jesus the kingdoms of the world if He would worship Satan. Jesus replies, "Get behind me, Satan ..."

So I couldn't help but wonder if He quoted His rebuke because the offence that inspired it was the same. In Luke 4:8 He casts Satan out of His presence in response to a call for idolitry. Around the time of Rebuke Fest 0001 He responds to ... what? Peter's plea that Jesus rethink His plan and deny what He was sent to do. And mere moments after Peter receives revelation from God that this Jesus is the Christ. A god that suffers and dies (and that has called Peter to follow) was not the kind Peter was looking for. Peter first confesses that Jesus is the Son of God, and then insists that He become the kind of Christ Peter is most comfortable with. Jesus rebukes idolitry.

I can't help but think about the great falling away that is coming. When America starts to feel the "terrible" part of the Day of the Lord, and hearts grow cold and offended. How much of the western Church will be left standing when the Jesus we hang on our walls is not the Jesus that splits the sky?

Will I be standing? I think I will ... but everybody does. Will I have so taught my heart to love and trust Him that I will be able to stand in that day without offence and without doubt? What about when all my eschatology falls through the floor and He does something I wasn't prepared for? Hmm.


Jeffie said...

I believe the key here Lexi is that the knowledge and or revelation(s) we have acquired whether be it through teaching or divinely releaved penetrate beyond our imperical realities and sown deep into our spirits so that neither heighth nor depth, length, width and so on shall seperate us... Ya Dig?

Lex said...

Sure. There are days that I'm feelin' spiritual and I dig. Even on the other days I know that's the answer.

Then there are moments when I read scripture and I think, " ... penetrate beyond my imperical realities and sown deep into my spirit ...?" What does that actually look like? How to I practically apply that to my Thursday? How to I know when I love enough, or trust enough to not be shaken when everything that can be shaken will be?