Monday, June 23, 2008

what fun

Some fun stuff for you:

Bored with Google? Viewzi is a pretty sweet new search engine. I really dig the Screen Shot view. My only gripe is that it's not quite as fast.

I saw this ad recently that really inspired me. The top of the page says "Imagine a president who stands for this." It then quotes Matthew 25:35-36. I was excited. I went to the website. I am now infuriated. What a scam.

This is a sweet shot of a tornado by a woman in Orchard, IA:

Kiva is a cool organization that links you to entrepreneurs in developing countries. You make short-term (about six month) "micro loans" to help them get their businesses off the ground, and they pay you back. (And then you loan your $25 to someone else.) Pretty cool.

Jesus film is going anime:

Apparently the old film is visually outdated. Remaking the whole film, however, means re-translating it into something like a million languages. This way they can use the same audio. Watch the clip and then take the survey to help them out.

I want some of these.

And there's this cool website that makes word clouds for you. You pick the font, general layout, and a color scheme. Below are two I made (in about 30 seconds). The first is Revelation 4 and the second is the Sermon on the Mount. Cool.

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11101100 said...

Kiva is great! I got a $25 certificate for my mommy for mothers day! It's an awesome present to give.

for really.

Also, not to destroy anyone's childhood, but did you know that the clouds and the bushes in SMB are the same graphic with different colors? I'm sorry, but it's true. You can feel free to be cheated, then feel free to practice forgiving. :)

Mr. Titus