Wednesday, February 07, 2007


That was us praying goodbye over Titus the evening before he left for a six month mission stint in the Philippines. We're not sure if he'll come back ... or if he'll come back for very long before leaving again. I got the following email last Monday, in case anyone's wondering how it's going:

Hey dudes,

I made it to the Philippines. After some tough work at the airports, I got through. British Airways decided they wanted to go on strike, but only for about an hour. So my flight was delayed an hour, which was long enough to cause me to miss my flight to Taiwan. I ended up getting a hotel for free and my meals for free from United, praise God. I caught the next flight, and I arrived safely.

I have to admit, I wasn't expecting that, at all. But praise God that I went through it; I learned a lot. God provides, and He shows favor. I got a nice seat next to the emergency exit, with all of the leg room I wanted. And on the next plane, I met a Filipino Christian, who gave me his number incase I needed anything. So that was awesome. He was truly a great person, and I lift him up to God for being a friend to someone who needed one.

I am in Manila now, and I will leave here tomorrow in the morning. We're going to take a plane to Lagaspi and then from there we will take a ferry to the island. So all will be well. The house has running water and electricity. I am very thankful for that. From what I was told, we were going to have none of that for a long time. But God is a God who provides, and I know that I will be calling on Him a lot while I'm here, which was the plan.

Well, anyway, I thought I would email to let people know what was going on.

Keep me in your prayers,


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