Monday, February 25, 2008

eternity in Your voice

I sit down and pull a blanket over my head and I have so much to say. I wrap my toes around the edge of the wooden bed frame and let my forehead thump against the prayer map stapled to the wall. The roledex of regular petitions and prayer requests spins through my head and none of it feels like Your presence so I wait.

I wait and I struggle to pin down my wandering mind. I listen for Your voice and then I start to think about my brother. I resume listening for Your voice and I start thinking about the worship team. I force myself to listen for Your voice and I start to think about the student ministry. And there's so much there to think on that I stray a bit until You call me back.

And I start to wonder why You always seem to wait until I'm not listening to speak to me, and then You speak to me.

And all it takes is five words from You and I am reborn.

The sound of Your voice sends a wave of peace rolling through me and I can feel my spirit breathe You in. Five words from You is all it takes to free me from myself and from this world. Five words from You puts eternity in order again in my heart, and I am released from a burden I didn't even know I carried.